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Sulphur Furnace plays crucial role in the clarification. Batch type furnace remained in history only.

The problems of improper melting of solid sulphur..... Cleaning of melter and receiver..... Choking of melt valves..... Leakage of melt valves..... Frequent charging..... Varying combustion ...sublimation ... corrosion of main furnace ... flashing of water all over the Burner station..... Leakage of gas..... were still there.

Now this is the time to give serious consideration of this state of the art  SO generation system.

The VISHWA SULPHUR FURNACE takes care of all the above problems. Sufficient heating surface for sulphur melting and proper space for cleaning removes the problem of melting the sulphur and choking of the melt valves. The bigger volumetric capacity of melter and receiver gives sufficient breathing period, to the operators for sulphur charging. Properly located melt feeder pipe maintains constant tray area and hence the gas production. The sublimation will never be there due to correct application and mixing of Air. Special design consideration while deciding the tray area and cooling surface of Main Furnace Chamber ensures the optimum burning capacity. Better spraying arrangement of water on the cooling pipes will avoid the flashing of water all around.





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