Push Pin Auto. Pressure reducing station
Auto. Pressure reducing station Salient Features 
  • Maintains constant pressure irrespective of demand variations. 
  • Noise reduction.
  • Remote setting.
  • Offsets due to mech. friction & gland tightening are taken care by the positioner


Push Pin Desuperheating station
Desuperheating station Salient Features 
  • Fine spray water atomisation 
  • Special design consideration for vessel and spray location.
  • Design suitable for the existing layouts.
  • Complete automation of steam conditioning.


Push Pin Steam Water & Juice flow meters 
Steam Water & Juice flow meters Salient Features 
  • Orifice Plate sensing
  • No Pressure drop
  • Electronic transmission. 
  • Flow Integration


Push Pin Overflow valve Systems
Salient Features 
  • Suitable sizing.
  • Smooth pressure balance.
  • Fast response.







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